Tamara Lohan MBE

Founder & CEO Mr & Mrs Smith

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Kanya King CBE

Founder & CEO MOBO Group

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As the world prepares to emerge from a difficult year – what have we learned and what do businesses need to be thinking about to come back stronger?

Join us for a series of unmissable discussions with some of the UK’s best known entrepreneurs offering insight and inspiration for businesses looking for opportunities in the new normal.

We’ll be hearing from entrepreneurs Kanya King CBE, founder of MOBO Organisation and diversity talent platform, MOBOLISE, and Tamara Lohan MBE, CEO and founder of Mr & Mrs Smith, to hear their lessons from lockdown and get to the heart of two issues driving business recovery in 2021 – digital innovation and sustainability.

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. As we speed towards COP26 in November and the government’s new zero emissions deadline in 2050, sustainability is now intrinsically linked to a business’s bottom line. So how do businesses not only prepare to meet new targets but embrace the benefits of becoming a sustainability champion?

Join us as our panel, led by Mr & Mrs Smith’s founder and CEO, Tamara Lohan MBE, share their lockdown learnings and discuss the sustainable changes we need to see across all industries, how ‘going green’ can give businesses the competitive edge and the small, easy steps businesses can embrace now to become more energy efficient.

Digital Innovation

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Rapid digitisation offered a lifeline for businesses of all shapes and sizes during the pandemic. This adoption of technology shows no signs of slowing down. So how can businesses embrace innovation now to stay ahead of the game?

Our panel of experts, led by Kanya King CBE, founder & CEO of MOBO Group and diverse talent platform, MOBOLISE, will share digital knowhow and explore how businesses can accelerate digitisation, what kinds of tools they might need and how they can equip their people with the skills they need to make the most of the opportunity.